RF/Microwave & Millimeter Wave Components

Eastern Instrumentation can offer our customers RF Microwave/Millimeter Wave products for a variety of applications and uses. The factories we represent offer a wide range of high performance, top quality components and equipment.

3H Communication Systems
- Filters & Switched Filter Banks - Multiplexers - RF Front Ends for Military & Commercial Applications
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- RF/Microwave Test Equipment - Vector Star Network Analyzers - Power Meters - USB - Signal Generators & Lightwave Instruments - SONET OC-192 Test Sets - BERT's to 100GHz - Jitter Systems - Ethernet - Fiber Optic Test Systems - Specrum Analyzers
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- Adaptors - Attenuators - Amplifiers - Antennas - Connectors - Calibration Kits - Coupler Products - Detectors
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In-Phase Technologies, Inc
- Creative Test Systems for products operating in the Analog, Digital, RF, Microwave & Lightwave Domains - ATE - Build to Print - Cable Harnesses & Assemblies - Fiber Optic Products - Power Supplies
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- MWX0 Series: Phase stable type for measurement - MWX1 Series: Heat-resistant type for measurement & high-durability type for measurement - MWX2 Series: Flexible type for measurement - MWX6 Series: Skew match type
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