Noise XT


Noise eXtended Technologies' goal is to serve the test and phase noise measurement market in general and the embedded systems (OEM) market segment, in particular, by providing high performance instrumentation products at affordable prices. They assist customers in developing the phase noise systems measurements for electronic signals and frequency synthesis. Pictured here is their DCNTS Dual Core Noise Test System, a two channel phase and noise amplitude noise analyzer.

  • PN 9000 - Phase Noise Test System
  • PN 9002 System - Tests Radar Pulse Stability
  • DCNTS - Dual Core Phase Noise Test System - 2 - Channel Phase/Amplitude Noise Analyzer
  • RFS7608 - Pulse Measurement & Low Spur Analyzer
  • Residual Phase Noise
  • Absolute Phase Noise
  • AM Noise Test
  • Spectrum Analyzers
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